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Smoke rises over the site of explosion at an ammunition storage of Russian army near the village of Mayskoye, Crimea, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022

Russia blames sabotage as blasts rock another military facility in Crimea

CNN 17 Aug 2022
A Ukrainian soldier with the 14th Mechanized Brigade of Prince Roman the Great works in his tank as the unit awaits their next mission on July 1 ... People light flares in memory of the Ukrainian activist Roman Ratushnyi during a farewell ceremony at Baikove cemetery, Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 18 ... Senior Soldier Andrii Stefanyshyn, 39; Senior Lt.

Fascinating Details of Judean Shepherd’s Life 6,000 Years Ago Revealed by New Tech

Ancient Origins 15 Aug 2022
... of the Bar Kochba Revolt (132-136), a Jewish rebellion against Roman Empire rule in the province of Judea ... This pushed the date of his life and death back nearly 4,000 years to the Late Chalcolithic, completely negating the idea that he’d been a soldier who battled the Romans.

Roman Decimation: The Cruelest Form of Punishment in History?

Ancient Origins 14 Aug 2022
The Roman army was one of the fiercest armies ever assembled ... This combination meant the Roman army played a crucial role in Rome’s expansion from Britain to Asia. A crucial reason for the effectiveness of the Roman army was their discipline ... An ancient Roman legionary soldier. ( serpeblu / Adobe Stock) What was Roman Decimation? ... The Roman Legions.

Roman Siege Engines Tracked and Traced in Jerusalem

Ancient Origins 11 Aug 2022
Plotting the Ballistics of Ancient Roman Siege Weapons ... Furthermore, heaps of ballista stones were identified in the Russian Compound “where the remains of the outer wall has been identified.” Based on these specific rocks the new study speculates that this was where the legions of Roman soldiers finally breached the city defenses.

The Edge of the Plain by James Crawford review – beyond borders

The Observer 11 Aug 2022
So too did Roman soldiers once man Hadrian’s Wall, and later the Antonine Wall ... “This was bordering as a grand performance […] a 37-mile-long symbol of the Roman ability to tame wilderness and nature.”. But why build a wall at all? In Crawford’s account, the Romans’ desire to ...

A painful pause as Ukraine’s frontline troops think of family

Manila Standard 10 Aug 2022
Soldiers on Ukraine’s eastern front have spent five exhausting months under Russian bombardment, measuring out the long days and longer nights in the metronomic cadence of relentless artillery fire ... “We are here to defend our country,” Roman tells AFP. “The soldiers know they can die, but they are ready to fulfill their task – to defend Ukraine.”.

Despite aching limbs and advancing years, Pope Francis must set the standard by soldiering on

Belfast Telegraph 10 Aug 2022
For more than a year, there have been persistent rumours of Pope Francis’s imminent resignation ... He’s also worried about his energy levels. But look – he’s 85 ... St Bridget of Sweden was famous for advising popes and were she doing so today, she might invoke a phrase from the ancient Romans, “Persevera consimilis militis” – “Soldier on!”. Most Read ... .

Dream Theater, "Pull Me Under, I'M NOT AFRAID!" [Roman Soldier Song] (LIVE, Luna Park)- Stages

Bitchute 09 Aug 2022
Go to the source via the article link to view the video ....

Ancient Egyptian Military: Fiercest Fighting Force of the Ancient World

Ancient Origins 06 Aug 2022
The average soldier was a largely untrained lower-class man who only joined the army because he couldn’t afford to train for a trade. Unlike Roman legionnaires , there was very little prestige to being an army grunt in ancient Egypt ... Soldiers were paid a living allowance of bread and beer ... Being a soldier was now a little more prestigious.

Our real identity comes from God

Messenger-Inquirer 06 Aug 2022
God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1.27. My how times have changed. As a young person I remember God was held in reverence and esteemed ... I have my own share of sin ... Imagine walking up to a Roman soldier in Biblical times and telling him you are offended by the pronoun he used ... .

Ancient artifacts unearthed at Farasan Islands near Jazan

Arab News 05 Aug 2022
... Roman-era items, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Thursday ... The items unearthed include Roman folded armor made of copper ingots, and another type of mail armor known as lorica squamata, which was frequently used by Roman soldiers between the first and third centuries AD.

Free Tampons for Men

Salt Lake City Weekly 03 Aug 2022
Josh Hawley's new book, Manhood ... But it's just not the same ... It's reminiscent of Thomas Babington Macaulay's 1842 poem "Horatius at the Bridge," where a single Roman soldier holds back the Etruscan Army in ancient Rome at the Tiber River. "Oh, Tiber! Father Tiber! To whom the Romans pray, a Roman's life, a Roman's arms, take thou in charge this day!".

Eva Hesse’s ‘Expanded Expansion’ Has Aged at Human Scale

Village Voice 03 Aug 2022
... as Paul Thek, who built dissected animals as well as the limbs of Roman soldiers from wax and other materials, and Duane Hanson, another fan of fiberglass, who used it to sculpt hyperrealistic statues of Middle Americans caught in a freeze frame of physical rise and fall.

What led to the downfall of the Roman empire?

The Telegraph India 02 Aug 2022
Welcome to the Roman Empire ... Known as "Augusta Trevorum" in the fourth century, it was the seat of the Roman Empire for many decades ... Trier is, therefore, the perfect choice for the exhibition "The Fall of the Roman Empire." ... Foreign soldiers were recruited from the ranks of the "barbarians" in order to strengthen Roman armies.

The Catholic Church is at a crossroads: Will it choose renewal or decline?

The Hill 30 Jul 2022
Pope Francis has concluded a self-described “penitential pilgrimage” to Canada. For the 85-year-old mostly wheelchair-bound pontiff, the journey was taxing but necessary ... ... 6 hearings were televised ... In his three-year ministry, Jesus Christ encountered numerous individuals shunned by society — including prostitutes, tax collectors and Roman soldiers ... .

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