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Holy Land trip continues to inspire pastor

Fremont Tribune 22 Sep 2023
TAMMY REAL-MCKEIGHAN News Editor. As she retraced the steps of Christ, the Rev. Jill Harman had a life-changing experience. Harman is associate pastor of First United Methodist Church in Fremont ... People are also reading… ... “It usually is ... They walked along the Via Dolorosa, the path Roman soldiers forced Jesus to walk on this way to the cross ... .

Two Out of Place Roman Swords Dug Up By Cotswolds Detectorist

Ancient Origins 21 Sep 2023
The spatha were better-balanced weapons, and they offered soldiers a far greater reach on the battlefield ... James added that spatha swords were popular cavalry weapons used by soldiers on horseback, and that because Roman provinces “were plagued with banditry” it was not illegal for civilians to own such weapons and to carry them while travelling.

6 Halloween costumes to wear if you can’t stop thinking about the Roman Empire

New York Post 21 Sep 2023
With the recent TikTok trend of men being questioned about how often they think of the ancient Roman empire, now is the right time to pick up a Roman empire Halloween costume ... Check out the best Roman empire TikTok trend Halloween costumes below, which include some sweet Roman soldier costumes for men and women ... EraSpooky Ancient Roman Toga.

Spell It: A healthy lifestyle, the ancient Roman way

Gulf News 20 Sep 2023
The ancient Romans are well known for their roads, military strategies and inventions ... Click start to play today’s Spell It, where we discover the ‘main’ practices that ancient Romans used to preserve their health ... Roman soldiers battled across Europe and other parts of the world, so slashing and cutting wounds from long swords were common injuries.

How Britain’s Roads Began In The Iron Age

Principia Scientific 20 Sep 2023
In the UK, roads are as old as the Romans or, as archaeologists recently discovered in Shropshire, even older ... Many earlier highways and byways from the pre-industrial era were incorporated into this system, as were the remnants and position of much earlier Roman roads ... That was a good century before the Romans arrived ... Roman Roads.

New theater group stages ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ -- with casting twists

Cleveland 20 Sep 2023
With music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the story of the Passion of Jesus is told largely through the eyes of the apostle Judas, who worries that Jesus’ followers are heading in the wrong direction and that the Romans will destroy the movement Jesus started ... Judas went on to betray Jesus by identifying him to the Roman soldiers who sought him ... Disclaimer.

Ukraine allies need to show ‘cajónes’ to face down Putin’s nuclear threat

Metro UK 20 Sep 2023
A former British Army Captain has said that the Western allies need to face down Putin’s belligerent nuclear rhetoric (PIcture. East2West/Getty Images) ... Reuters/Viacheslav Ratynsky) ... File image) ... More. Trending ... Ukrainian soldiers in Luhansk are part of what Kyiv views as the defence of the free world (Picture. Roman Chop/Global Images Ukraine via Getty).

Political divide emerges on Ukraine aid package as Zelenskyy heads to Washington

Beatrice Daily Sun 19 Sep 2023
Roman Yarmolenko, a Ukrainian soldier from the 93rd brigade, learns to walk on a prosthetic leg ... Roman Yarmolenko, a Ukrainian soldier of the 93rd brigade, learns to walk on a prosthesis by practicing on the stairs outside the Unbroken rehabilitation in Lviv, Ukraine, Wednesday, July 26, 2023.

Stonehenge was built when Britain was a 'black country', new children's book claims

The Daily Mail 19 Sep 2023
One page shows an image of a black Roman legionary fighting a white Celt. The author claims the Romans had 'turned back to Europe and pushed north' after trying and failing to conquer the African kingdom of Nubia ... 'Did you know that the first Britons were Black? Or that some of the Roman soldiers who invaded and ruled Britain were Black, too?.

The secret world of rhododendrons: A plant more ancient than the Himalayas

Phys Dot Org 19 Sep 2023
Neither of these is quite accurate ... Rhododendron pollen has microscopic tentacles that make it sticky ... According to legend, during a war in 67BC, an army of 1000 Roman soldiers in Turkey were rendered insensible after consuming the pots of honey locals had left out for them, and consequently were slaughtered by the followers of King Mithradates ... ....

Huns to the North. Romans to the South

Quillette 19 Sep 2023
However, arguments over Arianism did nothing to prevent the Romans from using Gothic soldiers ... Ammianus Marcelinus, the Roman soldier and historian, summed up the campaign dryly ... our soldiers, numbers of whom were pierced by strokes from javelins hurled at them, and from arrows.

What Horrible Histories gets wrong about history

The Spectator 19 Sep 2023
The Ivory Bangle Lady buried in York came from North Africa and may have had sub-Saharan ancestry. There were certainly records of ‘Ethiopian’ soldiers, a term more loosely applied to black people generally, but one ancient Roman who wasn’t black was the ...

Ukraine takes a small village near Bakhmut

Hot Air 19 Sep 2023
Lieutenant Colonel Roman Venevitin, former commander of the Russian 72nd Separate Motor Rifle Brigade that got wrecked near Klishchiivka and Andriivka, calls the brigade losses 'very serious', while calling it betrayal to sent soldiers to the front untrained and unprovided.

Türkiye’s Savatra dig findings shed light on ancient life

Anadolu Agency 18 Sep 2023
“We were very excited and happy to see this altar intact.” ... Isik pointed out that the front of the altar featured a depiction of a soldier, with a flag on one side, and a victory wreath on the other, symbolizing a triumphant success. “This was a Roman military garrison area ... We can now clearly see the damaged parts ... .

The secret world of rhododendrons: a plant more ancient than the Himalayas that inspired fables ...

The Conversation 18 Sep 2023
Rhododendrons look pretty but there is so much more to them ... Neither of these is quite accurate ... According to legend, during a war in 67BC, an army of 1000 Roman soldiers in Turkey were rendered insensible after consuming the pots of honey locals had left out for them, and consequently were slaughtered by the followers of King Mithradates ... .