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‘Gladiator’, ‘Transformers’ and More Headline the Paramount CinemaCon Presentation

Moviefone 11 Apr 2024
Preview. ... Day One’.Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator 2’ provided the big finish ... The lone survivor swears vengeance ... Related Article ... And, as suspected, the world of ‘Gladiator’ is a focus, as Roman soldiers stride on to the stage to shepherd the executives ... IF. .

Risen (2016) Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Starz

Coming Soon 10 Apr 2024
The film follows a Roman soldier who is on a quest to find the body of Jesus after his resurrection ... Clavius, a Roman leader in charge of a group of soldiers, watched over Yeshua’s (Jesus) crucifixion.

Just Before Christ Season 1 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Amazon Prime Video

Coming Soon 10 Apr 2024
Image Credit. IMDb ... The first season of the show premiered in April 2019 ... The series kicks off with Manio Semprionio Galba, a Roman soldier condemned to death for killing a senator in Ancient Rome ... Go to Amazon Prime Video ... NOTE ... The first Joker ... Movies ... .

This L.A. director made a film in Russia. The Kremlin wasn’t happy. Then came death threats

The Los Angeles Times 10 Apr 2024
In the movie, the Pilate character orders Roman soldiers to hide the body of the executed prophet.

The Spartan General Who Defeated the Romans

Greek Reporter 09 Apr 2024
Xanthippus was a Spartan general commissioned by the Carthaginians during their war against the Romans ... Xanthippus was a mercenary Spartan general who was hired by Carthage to fight against invading Roman forces in the First Punic War.

Onward, Christian soldiers

The Daily Record - Dunn 09 Apr 2024
As I often do over the Easter holiday, I watched a film that has the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ central to the story. This year, it was “Risen,” a film about a Roman soldier named Clavius (played by ....

Catholic ‘outrage’ at Italian TV ad in which holy communion is swapped for crisps

AOL 09 Apr 2024
Quando uno spot alimenta il dibattito, l'ufficio marketing festeggia ... — Gianlink (@GianLink) April 9, 2024 ... The snack company was “spitting” on the memory of Christ, “just as the Roman soldiers did to him before his crucifixion” ... .

Every HBO Show, Ranked

New York Magazine 09 Apr 2024
Photo-Illustration ... 113 ... 112 ... 111 ... 99 ... Co-produced with the BBC, Rome served as a kind of “people’s history” of the Roman Empire’s rise, seen mostly from the perspective of two soldiers with very different takes on their leaders’ power grabs and betrayal.

12-Year-Old Boy Finds Gold Roman 'Armilla' Bracelet During a Walk

Ancient Origins 08 Apr 2024
A Roman Garrison of Repute ... Bracelets During the Roman Empire ... They were publicly conferred by Roman generals to soldiers who had performed exceptional acts of bravery or merit in service to the empire, reports The Heritage Daily.

Delving into Ancient Jordan’s necropoleis through funerary portraits

The Jordan Times 08 Apr 2024
... the so-called ‘Turkmaniyyeh’ Tomb, where two busts are set in a rather small niche above a long Nabataean epitaph; the misnamed ‘Tomb of the Roman Soldier’; and Tomb of Arrianos,”Annan elaborated.

Ukraine faces key battle in Chasiv Yar, a 'door' to Donbas

Guam Pacific Daily News 06 Apr 2024
Roman PILIPEY ... Roman PILIPEY. Fierce fighting in Chasiv Yar is making it harder for wounded Ukrainian soldiers to receive initial medical care. Roman PILIPEY ... Roman PILIPEY ... Roman PILIPEY ... Roman PILIPEY ... Bogdan, a 21-year-old soldier, agreed.

Spartacus: The Gladiator Who Defied Rome

Roman Empire Times 06 Apr 2024
Similarly, the historian Florus portrays Spartacus as a former Roman soldier who deserted, was captured, and enslaved, a narrative echoed by Appian in his account of the Civil Wars.A portrait of Spartacus.

Ornate Roman bracelet found near Pagham

Heritage Daily 06 Apr 2024
A 12 year old boy and his mother have discovered a Roman bracelet whilst walking their dog near the village of Pagham in West Sussex, England ... Archaeologists examined the artefact and authenticated it as genuine piece of ancient Roman gold jewellery.

Clash of Titans: The Roman-Etruscan Wars of Ancient Italy

Ancient Origins 06 Apr 2024
Roman-Etruscans Wars. The Romans need no introduction but for many of us, the Etruscans might ... A popular Roman story told how the Romans sent a young soldier, Gaius Mucius, to the Etruscan camp to assassinate Porsena ... It was a bloodbath for the Romans.

Are We Like Thomas’ Twin? | God Talk

Red Bluff Daily News 06 Apr 2024
If only Thomas had remained with the others ... S ... It ... “Put your finger here; see My ... leader, marked by a Roman seal and guarded by Roman soldiers, enclosed with an estimated two-ton stone and yet the stone was found to be rolled away and the tomb empty.