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People are already selling replicas of Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday shirt

The Daily Dot 16 May 2024
"Carthage must be destroyed" is a Latin phrase coined by Cato the Elder, a famous Roman soldier who lived between 250 BC and 140 BC ... Roman soldiers destroyed the city in the Third Punic War ... "A Roman ...

Dromedarii soldiers: Delving into camel-riders in Eastern Roman Empire

The Jordan Times 13 May 2024
AMMAN — The Roman Empire in the Middle East recruited so-called “dromedarii”, who were camel-riding soldiers in the desert provinces of the empire to replace classical cavalry ... The Roman Emperor Trajan (rule.

Shunned for centuries, Vodou grows powerful as Haitians seek solace from unrelenting gang violence

The Los Angeles Times 13 May 2024
The Vodou faithful sing, their voices rising above the gunfire erupting miles away as frantic drumbeats drown out their troubles ... “The spirits help you ... George, a Christian martyr believed to be a Roman soldier revered by Catholics and Vodouists alike.

Haitians seeking solace from unrelenting gang violence turn to Vodou

Voa News 11 May 2024
They pause to swig rum out of small brown bottles, twirling in unison as they sing in Haitian Creole ... "The spirits help you ... "I prayed to Papa Ogou ... George, a Christian martyr believed to be a Roman soldier revered by Catholics and Vodouists alike ... "St ... .

Mavisbank receives grant of £5.3m to save it from collapse

The Times/The Sunday Times 10 May 2024
The Roman-style villa later became a lunatic asylum and then housed wounded soldiers during the First World War before suffering the indignity of being used to store rusting cars and ultimately being hollowed out by fire in 1973 ... UK. Scotland ... HISTORY ... .

Teacher, 55, is stunned to discover a 1,600-year-old stone with ancient Celtic script while weeding...

The Daily Mail 09 May 2024
Graham believes the stone may have been carried as a keepsake by a Roman soldier who had left behind a sweetheart in Ireland ... 'So we think a Roman soldier must have been walking away from there when he has dropped it and then it's been flooded away.

Expressions of faith

Nashville Pride 08 May 2024
It was the Roman soldiers of Pontius Pilate who took Jesus after the Sanhedrin council of priestly and lay elders had Jesus arrested during the Jewish festival of Passover for blasphemy, claiming that He was the King of the Jews ... Bishop-Elect Dr ... ....

Just Before Christ Season 2 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Amazon Prime Video

Coming Soon 08 May 2024
PC Credit. IMDb. Set in Ancient Rome in 31 BC, Just Before Christ Season 2 is a Spanish-language comedy series ... In the first season, viewers follow the story of a Roman soldier who gets exiled to Tracia after killing a senator ... Go to Amazon Prime Video ... .

Can you tell what it is? Archaeologists baffled by bizarre twelve-sided Roman object dug up in...

The Daily Mail 06 May 2024
Rewriting the history of life in Britain after the Roman Empire ... Many Britons started adopting Roman customs and law ... 228AD - The Romans were being attacked by barbarian tribes and soldiers stationed in the country started to be recalled to Rome.

The Sports Report: What’s next for the Clippers after Game 6 loss?

The Los Angeles Times 04 May 2024
Howdy, I’m your host, Houston Mitchell. Let's get right to the news. From Broderick Turner ... Like, he’s a real fan ... He cares about the wins. He’s fired up ... 1935 — Omaha, ridden by Willis Saunders, wins the Kentucky Derby by 1 1/2 lengths over Roman Soldier.

What Exactly Caused Jesus Christ’s Death?

Greek Reporter 03 May 2024
Credit ... A Roman soldier stabbed Jesus’ side with a spear after the crucifixion, causing blood and water to stream forth ... The beatings administered by Roman soldiers are well known to have been very brutal, leaving lacerations all over the body.

Today in Sports – Charles Barkley scores 56 points, including a playoff-record 38 in the ...

Wtop 03 May 2024
May 4. 1905 — Belmont Park in New York opens for its first thoroughbred meet ... 1935 — Omaha, ridden by Willis Saunders, wins the Kentucky Derby by 1 1/2 lengths over Roman Soldier. Omaha goes on to win the Triple Crown ... 1968 — 94th Kentucky Derby ... _____.

MTG Cites Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory Jews ‘Handed Over’ Jesus To Be Killed

TPM 02 May 2024
... Roman governor, Pontius Pilate ... In fact, the Christian Bible’s Gospel of Luke specifies that Herod “sent him back” to Pilate, who ordered the crucifixion, which was carried out by Roman soldiers.

'Antisemitism is wrong, but': Marjorie Taylor Greene pilloried for promoting antisemitic claim

Alternet 02 May 2024
U.S. Rep ... Dept ... READ MORE ... Jesus was.\n\n-arrested by Roman soldiers\n-thrown in Roman prison\n-tortured by Roman scourging\n-crucified on a Roman cross\n\n-or as Lady Blah Blah puts it, 'crucified by the Jews.'. — (@) ... READ MORE ... “Rep ... But also ... READ MORE.