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Sprawling NJ Coptic Orthodox church a beehive of activity, even in summer | Faith Matters

NJ dot com 01 Aug 2021
St ... Please send the money.” ... According to legend, he was a Coptic soldier in the Roman army martyred because he refused to recant his Christian faith. After executing him, the soldiers set his body on fire; it burned for three days but the body remained unharmed. Mina’s sister then bribed the soldiers and managed to bring the body away to Alexandria ... .

IN HIS HONOR: New WC scholarship added in honor of late rodeo cowboy, actor

Weatherford Democrat 31 Jul 2021
As a nine-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier, the late Marty Melvin knew a lot about winning and how to appreciate a winner ... The Marty Melvin Scholarship is earmarked for steer wrestlers on WC’s rodeo team ... In recent years, he played the part of a Roman soldier in “The Chosen,” a TV film series about the life of Jesus ... ....

Large Cache of Roman Artifacts from 100 BC Found on Mediterranean Isle

Ancient Origins 30 Jul 2021
The stash of items the INAPH team uncovered included many objects that would have been used by Roman soldiers and their support staff ... “Roman soldiers were very superstitious and used to perform rites,” explained University of Alicante archaeologist and INAPH project director Fernando Prados.

Rare Roman 'highway' and canal unearthed in the Netherlands were used by the army to ...

The Daily Mail 29 Jul 2021
'The canal is large enough for ships from Roman times — these were probably mainly army ships that transported soldiers but also food, building materials and other things,' the researchers said ... Many Roman soldiers were therefore stationed along the Rhine ... Many Roman soldiers were therefore stationed along the Rhine,' the team explained.

Dutch unearth Roman canal, road near UNESCO heritage sites

The Times of India 29 Jul 2021
Nijmegen is on the Rhine, the border of the Roman ... Many Roman soldiers were stationed along the river and the canal probably linked Nijmegen and the Rhine and was used to transport troops, supplies and building materials.

Roman weapons deposit unearthed at Son Catlar prehistoric settlement

Heritage Daily 29 Jul 2021
Archaeologists conducting excavations at the prehistoric settlement of Son Catlar, on the Spanish Balearic Island of Menorca have discovered a deposit of Roman military equipment and weapons, complete with surgical tools ... “Roman soldiers were very superstitious and used to perform rites.

Why Skyrim Fans Should Check Out The Forgotten City | Game Rant

Game Rant 28 Jul 2021
RELATED ... The Dwarves' Law—renamed The Golden Rule—is a form of collective punishment, which was common in Roman military practices and mythology. The Ancient Romans sometimes practiced decimation, randomly killing one in ten men in a cohort of soldiers to punish them for crimes like desertion while still retaining the majority as part of the army.

Good fiscal management part of PNoy’s legacy

Manila Standard Today 28 Jul 2021
They were wrong ... Much was written about President Noynoy’s utmost integrity during his lifetime, and since his death, discerning Filipinos, much like the Roman soldiers looking up at Jesus Christ dying on the cross, have been saying, “He was a good man.” Yes, Noynoy Aquino was an honest, ramrod-straight, incorruptible man ... .

Barbarians versus Romans: Violence and Urban Life in Late Antiquity

Ancient Origins 24 Jul 2021
Relief depicting Roman soldiers leaving captives away in chains. Roman brutality against non-Roman peoples during Late Antiquity was legendary ... The barbarians certainly served a role of violence in the Roman public sphere as soldiers, gladiators, rebellious slaves and invaders, but that did not mean they were more inherently violent.

Larry Moore | The Altar of Political Correctness

The Signal 23 Jul 2021
Apparently the William S. Hart Union High School District governing board, with the exception of Joe Messina, worships at the altar of political correctness and wokeism ... The Centurions might have been highly organized and well-trained Roman soldiers, but the people they conquered were often brought back to Rome as slaves ... Dump the mascot ... Larry Moore ... .

Roman road discovered submerged in the Venice lagoon indicates large settlements may have been present ...

The Daily Mail 22 Jul 2021
Experts have found evidence of a Roman road in the Venice lagoon — indicating that large settlements existed in the area centuries before the city's foundation in 697 AD. In the Roman era, much of what is now submerged under the lagoon was land — and many artefacts from the time have been found in Venice's islands and waterways.

Column: Through the Past Brightly (July 17)

Mount Pleasant Morning Sun 17 Jul 2021
DeRuyter Lake (Photo courtesy of Don Negus). On the lake,. The deep forbidden lake,. The old boats go gliding by, ... ... Fabius, lies in the region which was part of the Central New York Military Tract used to pay soldiers of the American Revolution ... The town was founded in 1798 and was named for the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus. ... ... ....

That's nuts! 2,000-year-old Roman fort and treasure trove of artefacts are uncovered in Yorkshire - ...

The Daily Mail 16 Jul 2021
A 2,000-year-old Roman fort, and treasure trove of artefacts belonging to its inhabitants has been uncovered in Yorkshire by a team of archaeologists ... A ROMAN FORT ... It was first built by the Romans ... 228AD - The Romans were being attacked by barbarian tribes and soldiers stationed in the country started to be recalled to Rome.

Christian views on abortion more complex than appears

The Star Democrat 16 Jul 2021
For example, the catechism of the Catholic Church, an authoritative guide to the beliefs and practices of Roman Catholic Christians, states ... In the third century, Thekla’s story inspired a Roman noblewoman called Eugenia ... Even as the Roman Empire became increasingly Christian, women still received praise for avoiding marriage.